Well Adjusted

I figured it was only a matter of time that I would need to visit the chiropractor again. Past injuries have me a bit lop-sided, and I’ve always known my hips are weak. I used to work at a Golf Club, and was fortunate enough to go through a swing analysis at a Taylor Made Performance Lab. Even back then, (6 years ago) I discovered that I had a beautiful swing, on plane just about every time, but was very weak in the hips and therefore couldn’t get much power behind my swing.

There is a lot of controversy where chiropractic therapy is concerned. I’m not here to debate any of it, my thoughts are either you believe in it or you don’t. I’ve personally had some bad experiences and some good ones, but for me, anything I can do naturally to help the cause of the problem, rather than medicate it, I’m all for it. And, if you find a good chiropractor that personalizes your treatment plan, then you’ve struck gold! (inserting a shout-out here to the incredible Dr. Denke at Select, Spine & Sports Medicine)

My warm-up and stretch routine now covers hip exercises, and an amazing machine called The Gluteator that should be in every gym!

It’s a minor setback, I’m unable to bend or pick up anything off the ground in my fitness routine, but there are still plenty of other exercises that I can focus on, so I’m not looking at it as too much of a setback at this time.

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