The Struggle Really is Real!

Ok, so approximately 10 weeks ago I joined a ladies’ gym and I’m beyond thrilled with the facilities, programs, and especially the staff. I began a 12-week transformation program they were promoting and was so excited on this journey. It was going to be different from any other journey I had taken, this time I was motivated and ready to get the weight off, get in shape, and get my blood pressure down. I’m struggling a bit with the weight part of it. I’m 100% dedicated to my meal plan, not having ANY cheat meals, and also have been dedicated to the gym, 6 days a week. Now I’ve missed a few days in the last 10 weeks, but not anything I feel overly guilty about, I mean c’mon, I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked before. Not only is my physical being present, my mind is in the right place where it needs to be. It’s just not happening…….yet. Whether it’s finding the right meal plan for me, whatever balance my body requires, something will work – I know it will. I’ve got a great trainer that I’ve presented challenges to from the beginning, and she isn’t giving up on me, and I’m NOT giving up on myself. So when I tell her I just want to HIT SOMETHING, hit something hard and feel better, she brings out the focus mitts, I put on the boxing gloves, and she gives me the opportunity to HIT SOMETHING and get my frustrations out. It’s funny, when we first started with the boxing gloves I had to really dig deep to find something that was aggravating me in order to really hit the mitt……not any more!! 🙂

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