The first month of my transformation program, I was on a plan based on my Macros that was created for me by my personal trainer.

When I was having a reaction to eating so much chicken, my trainer revised my menu and based it more on my blood type, along with Macros.

We made a few minor adjustments for the next few weeks. I was struggling to get all my meals in, so we replaced one of my meals with a protein shake, which helped me tremendously!

Time to throw out the Macros, and go with blood type only. I wasn’t getting the results that we both felt I should. I was carb-cycling on my previous menu, but still seemed to struggle with getting the meals in, as well as losing what we thought I should. I am approaching the end of my 12-week transformation program, so we are stepping it up a notch, and I am working with my trainer 3 times a week, doing cardio with a goal of burning 500 calories 3 times a week, with one rest day. Also, I’ve added in at least 2 days a week of fasted cardio.