The common catch-phrase, “I’m on a diet”, is a recipe for failure. I’ve done it myself many times. We spend money on weight loss supplements, quick-fixes, and even prescription medication that suppresses the appetite. I used to take a medication prescribed by a “doctor” that was very questionable, but I was OK with it, because he was giving me what I needed. I would tell myself that I only needed it as a “jump start”, just get the first 20 pounds down, then it would give me all the motivation I needed to do the rest on my own, without the medication. The first thing wrong with this was that I was being given a medication that as someone with high blood pressure had no business taking. But wow, did it work! I didn’t want to eat! This is fantastic…NOT. I don’t have to tell you that not eating is certainly not the answer to losing weight.

Quick fixes seem like a better choice than a long term strategy. Diets that promise immediate results and don’t require too much effort are very popular. The problem is, that fast results are rarely sustainable over time.

We’ve all heard the expression that it needs to be a “Lifestyle Change”. Even though I believe most of us know what the definition of that means, I think we are able to convince ourselves that going on a diet is changing our lifestyle. But we have to start with changing our beliefs and altering our habits and perspective. Making simple changes in the beginning will give you something to build on as you work to meet your goal. Simple changes can provide you with the motivation you need to succeed, especially when you begin to notice the benefits.

While I still have a LONG way to go on my journey to better health, I’ve come to the realization that I too am guilty of the fad diets, the supplements, the medications, but when I really assess the situation, I know that what I need has to be a lifestyle change. Instead of focusing on weight-loss, I’m working on progressing to an overall healthy lifestyle.