Getting Started

Ok, so starting a blog isn’t near as easy as I thought it would be. Although I’m not typically known to be at a loss for words, I contemplated where to start. Do I need to give some history about myself? Tell you about my life? Does anyone care? LOL 🙂 So, I just decided to jump in there. Here we go….

I never use to have to worry about my weight. Even after having kids I was back down to a size 0-3. Sometime in my early 30’s I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s Disease, an auto-immune condition that affects my thyroid. The most common symptoms are fatigue and unexplained weight gain. It started slowly at first, but through the years, even with medication, has developed into a real issue for not only my self esteem, but for my health. The added weight along with lack of exercise caused high blood pressure. I felt bad all the time, always tired, and borderline depressed. You wouldn’t know it though, I am a “cup half full” kinda gal! But my inner demons certainly knew, and therefore along came the anti-depressant medication, anxiety medication, blood pressure medication, thyroid medication, anti-inflammatory medications, and several more. How is it that I’m taking more medication than my grandparent? Am I really there?

The sizes continued to increase, and before I knew it, I was in double digit clothing, wait….now let’s add some letters to the clothes. Plus size 1-X. Just as I was starting to get into a 2-X, and every morning watched my blood pressure climb higher and higher, I knew it had to change. I had just gotten married to the love of my life after a long 10-year engagement, and it was important to me that we have more time together to finally fulfill our dreams and enjoy our new life together. I didn’t want to continue to feel so old, to be hurting ALL THE TIME, to be tired ALL THE TIME. It was my breaking point; and honestly, I think everyone has to have something in their lives to make them want to make that life changing decision and stick with it. Not a fad diet, a lifestyle change. Just like when I quit smoking….wasn’t an easy thing to quit, after almost 30 years as a smoker, it had to be ME that made the decision, and I had to be ready for it. And I did. And so, now with my new life challenge of getting healthy and fit, I am ready.

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